S2: Episode 7 Nika Milbrun on Being Brave and Stepping into the Unknown

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Nika Milbrun 


This month on the podcast, we'll introduce you to Nika Milbrun, an award winning political strategist from Connecticut. She talks about growing up in the projects in Stanford, Connecticut and how that taught her the value of hard work in her path to success. 

She also shares what it was like being a part of the Haitian version of the Jackson 5. 

Nika provides advice on the following areas:  

1. How to make the best use of your time in university. (hint: networking!)

2. How to be yourself and the value of spending time with people who do not fit in. 

3. How to become a political strategist and what it what like to work for the Obama Campaign.  

 4. How to trust your instincts and spot the good people in your life.

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