Friendship, Biking, and Defying Expectations

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Our guests this week are Melissa and Claire, two bike riders who are on the journey of a lifetime--making their way from Wisconsin, up through Canada, down the East Coast, and then back to Wisconsin. (We're still astounded thinking about going up and down all of those hills while carrying the supplies necessary to survive such a long trip.)

We were fortunate enough to meet them during their journey when they stopped in DC for a week.

Behind the scenes, recording this week's episode.

Behind the scenes, recording this week's episode.

In this episode, they share:

  • The power of female friendship

  • How traveling by bike has brought them closer to nature

  • How unplugging from technology for long stretches affects their perspectives

SPOILER: they did make it all the way to Florida where they'll be living for a few months, so sit back, relax, and enjoy hearing about their journey along the way.

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