Healing and the Gift Economy

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Our guest this week is Margaret Johnson, a massage therapist who works within the gift economy.

"It brings me joy and fulfillment to share my gifts, especially with those who traditionally haven't felt that massage therapy is accessible to them."
Margaret Johnson at work.

Margaret Johnson at work.

In this episode, she shares with us:

  • How she connects healing to social justice

  • How the gift economy helps her make massage therapy more accessible

  • What it's like to own and operate a small business as a Millennial woman

To learn more about Margaret Johnson or to get in contact with her, check out her website at petworthmassage.com. You can also learn about the gift economy by checking out authors Charles Eisenstein or Genevieve Vaughan. A local DC resource that offers events and community activities based on the gift economy is Samsara House 2023.

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