Beyond the Ceiling is a podcast series dedicated to providing you with practical advice and inspiring stories from women, like you and me, across the world who are getting beyond the ceiling and making their own way in life.  

We believe that women can empower other women by sharing stories and lifting as we climb.

As we like to saywhen you shine, I shine, we shine. 

Back in July 2015, Christy Carter met with her friend Katie Breslin (season one co-host) in a coffeeshop in Washington, DC to brainstorm ways that they could work together to share the stories of all the amazing women we meet both in Washington, DC and around the world.

Now we are in season two of podcast and truly grateful for all the women who have come forward to share and lift as they climb.

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Christy Carter, Co-Founder and Host

Christy Carter is a lover of people and their personal stories - especially women who are making their own way in the world and getting beyond the ceiling. 

She loves connecting people and organizations to the resources they need to be successful. During the day she's a fundraiser and in her free time she's interviewing women all over the world - just for you! 

Christy is global citizen via the United States and currently resides in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Follow her adventures @MsChristyCarter on Instagram and Twitter.

Lisa Henggeler, Marketing Director

Lisa Henggeler is an analytical creative with a passion for bringing ideas to life. She believes in taking well-informed risks, finding inspiration in everyday experiences, and using Oxford commas.

She started her marketing career in the music industry almost ten years ago and then spent some time in the nonprofit sector before ending up in the corporate world. She balances the grind by writing and pursuing outside interests in her spare time.

Lisa lives just outside Austin, Texas. Connect with her on Instagram and Twitter @lkhenggeler.


Ianthe 2.jpeg

Ianthe Metzger, Communications and Outreach Director  

Ianthe is a communications specialist working in the advocacy and progressive politics fields in Washington DC. Unsurprisingly, she's a huge podcast enthusiast who finds joy in discovering the stories of the unsung heroes among us.

Originally for the island of Trinidad and Tobago, Ianthe now lives in Washington DC, where in her free time she teaches people how to pronounce her name correctly and pretends to be cultured :). You can connect with her on Instagram at iantheee_ and twitter at @IanTheWalrus


Hayley Humiston, Digital Communications Director

Hayley Humiston is a social introvert that is in constant awe of the amazing women around her.

By day, she is training college women for careers in public policy and telling the stories of powerful women doing great things. By night, she is sharing a glass of wine with her friends, at a concert, or knitting something cozy.

Originally from upstate New York, Hayley now lives in Washington, DC. You can find her at @hmhum or @intheknitofthyme on Instagram and @heythere_hayley on Twitter.

mmoore- color sq.jpg

Marissa Moore, Communications and Production Specialist

Marissa Moore is a homegrown advocate and communications specialist. She is passionate about community building and social impact. She loves to connect people to opportunities, and firmly believes in change through the agency of people power.

Constantly pursuing new challenges, Marissa has worked in nonprofits, a political organization and in the private sector. In her spare time she manages a lesbian pool group and facilitates workshops to prevent sexual harassment.

Marissa is proud to call DC home. Catch her on Instagram and Twitter @blue_eyed_marissa